Low Power TV Olympics

If you’ve been to the Megamall Atrium lately you would’ve witnessed the following scenario:


What this is is all the known locally distributing TV brands competing to see which one really does deliver the best in energy efficiency.

This so called olympics, I was told has been running for about four days already which means it began last Friday just before the long vacation hit. The setup involves up to 3 candidate TV models per manufacturer and that is hooked up to a sky digibox where National Geographic Channel is being streamed and a measurement as to how much energy is actually being consumed. The data is likewise compared to a CRT TV setup in the same manner.

I got a chance to talk to the Samsung rep and found out that theirs apparently is the overall winner in this head to head with the lowest wattage reading among the lot. Most other manufacturers however seemed to not really care about the readout and found this a chance to showcase their premium models, some of which aren’t even being sold yet. Ill upload the individual manufacturer setups later where some insane 55" and 47" from LG and Panasonic can be witnessed, as well as a shot of the data that had been collected through the tests.













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