Google SketchUp No More… Trimble Takes the Reins

SketchUp was one of the very first modeling tools I had been able to use, the familiar cartoon styled house is a very simple icon which is almost THE brand that SketchUp is. Originally it  was @Last Software who championed SketchUp and then not long after, Google came and made the phenomenon known as “Google SketchUp” a constant within the design practice, however when I installed it a while ago I was greeted with a new face in the form of Trimble.

SketchUpNew When these icons first popped up onto my desktop it was confusing since I wasnt familiar with any of them, once inside however you are greeted with the all too friendly interface that would make the user want to explore along with the program until their imagination takes a breather.

The change was enacted a while back (26th of April) and those who have yet to update and those just about to begin toying with the tool will probably never get to see the iconic little cartoon house that once stood for what SketchUp is – a simple, no nonsense tool that will help you visualize with close to zero learning curve.

Trimble, so rooted in the design field, would probably make this tool far more productive and useful that it ever was in Google’s hands, let us all hope that integration within the internet giant would not go away… the 3D warehouse is after all, filled to the brim with models upon models of almost anything.

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