Elementary: Series Startup


Sherlock Holmes is very well known among a lot of us because of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles handiwork. Those of this generation however are exposed to him through the movie/s with the same name currently in a second release, and through a BBC series with a third season underway; both of these portray him differently and within different periods of time. Enter another depiction through "Elementary".

There are key differences in this one that make it stand out from the two which is the location and the partner. Lucy Liu plays the Dr. Joan Watson in this one, and the show is set in the bustling city of New York (we can expect more imaginative crimes from this one hopefully) and within a present setting. Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) even had this statement about Google and that not everything is deduceable.

So along with Americans being the victims and perpetrators the dynamic also has changed because Dr. Watson is a woman and we all know where boy and girl tandems often head right?!? We’ll have to wait until the season and the series mature for that one. A lot of room has been provided for the creatives to come up with much more interesting scenarios to entangle both of them in.

With the third season of Sherlock approximated to be released sometime next year, this is a very good addition to the many serie that I already follow. I can’t wait until the arch-enemy ‘The Professor’ Moriarty is revealed on this one. I’ll be sure to keep up with it of course.

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