An Ancient Bamboo: MTE-450

MTE450I went around Virramall last night and saw this in one of the display areas of a shop there. It immediately piqued my interest because I have never seen a Bamboo with a ‘zoom ring’ feature before, its almost like a miniaturized Intuos. Its a pity that they didnt include it in their newer set of Bamboo products.

The shop is selling it for 3950 for anyone interested. Its a graphic tablet from Wacom manufactured circa 2007 (Vista was the Windows OS of note then), has an A6 size active area, USB connection, 512 levels and battery free.

It was a good thing I didnt buy it out of its uniqueness but the main issue for me is that the active area is so small I dont think I will get used to it coming from an A5. It still is a tablet manufactured by Wacom, probably the cheapest one you would be able to find brand new here. As for me, I’ll probably just save up for the Asus Vivo with the pen. Happy hunting!

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