Canon Selphy 900 – Waves Goodbye to Wires!

You probably didn’t know but I actually try to run a photobooth business and one of the key components of that is the photo printer.


Canon’s Selphy is a self contained photo printer which uses a 4-pass CMYK printing system with a maximum paper size of 4×3 inches. The consumables for he printer are the ink cartridge and the photo paper which you buy together.

When I assembled my booth the Selphy model that was available was the 800… not long after, around a month or two, an 810 model came out which added editing features within the machine… fast forward to now and we find this new model, the 900 which incorporates wireless printing into the mix (Photo Above).

Its very good that the line is being continued; it could only mean that the availability of the consumables wont soon come into question. The downside to the increased demand because of the numerous booth setups coming out is that the price of the paper and ink package had gone up a bit.

Wireless printing technology isn’t new, the biggest benefit one can get from it is that less wires will need to be present and that the placement of the printer is no longer influenced by the length of the cable. It does however require that there be a wireless network set-up wherever the function needs to be used. An interesting application would be an upgrade to some booth setups which also offer a “free wifi service” as part of their package… other than that, I am not seeing owners of the 700 up to the 810 would be upgrading anytime soon. Still a very good update to a very reliable system.

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