System Font Glitch

Something weird happened to my computer a few hours ago which hasn’t happened to me in all my years of computing. In an instant, my entire system font had been changed into an italicized Segoe UI font; it was as if the regular version had been deleted and the computer was substituting it. So here’s the story of how that came to be:

I have this font collection of a few thousands and double clicking each of them to simply preview the text without having to install it is quite the tedious option… enter font browsers!

The Corel Graphics Suite has a font navigator with it and I opened that up and it prompted me to indicate where it should look for fonts with default checks on all active drives… here is where I am assuming the glitch occured – I removed the checks from all the drives and only instructed the software to look at a specific folder where the fonts were. Everything was well and good until the moment that I exited the program.

The screen blinked and all of a sudden, all the system fonts were italicized. I went and looked for ways to reset the system fonts but all the suggestions were not working; It was then that I looked into the c:/windows/fonts folder to look at the Segoe UI font which seemed to not have the ‘regular’ version, just the italic and italicized bold. I went online and downloaded a segoeui.ttf but it was an older version and the spacing didnt quite look like the default as well.

Before I went out for today what I did was to get the Segoe UI font set from another Windows 7 machine and installed all those fonts into mine… While the result isn’t yet clear, there are some signs that the system is already seeing the correct font. I expect to go back to it later and start it up hoping that the system has returned completely to how it should be. In the worst case scenario that it still maintains the italics, the suggested move is to use a system restore to return it to a date prior to the occurrence. I can only hope that a system checkpoint has been generated for me. It has been a constantly persistent stroke of lucklessness that whenever there is a need for a system restore, no points are available to use. Wish me luck!

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