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The movie was introduced to me by my friend Lester, it is a movie about the perception of advertising and within the entirety of the trailer, you could never have guessed that it was within a present day setting.

Probably the most unexpected element of this movie is that a good chunk of it is in Russian dialogue (that’s exaggerating of course) however since it is mainly the foundation and some parts where they are conversing about something that had already been introduced, you could say its a non issue. As with many great movie trailers, the one this movie has didn’t give away anything and makes the viewer quite intrigued and makes them want to watch the entirety of it just to understand what’s it about.

The bulk of the animation introduced in this movie is mostly seen through the eyes of the protagonist only, and that is a very good thing especially since these creatures of desire, while with some discernable form, are somewhat blob like and moves in a disorienting sort of way, quite freaky and has a possibility of influencing a younger persons imagination.

Establishment of the idea is a little bit slow but once it is completely translated to the audience then the film almost becomes completely new, only towards the end is where you’ll find the significance of the first few minutes. Albeit a little bit dragging at the onset, it is a good philosophical approach to the current state of the world even if it was a localized standpoint. Some patience required if willing to give it a try. Not rewatch worthy all things considered but definitely a good couple of hours worth.

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