Padfone 2 Launched in Milan

This image was taken from the Asus’ facebook album:

PadFone2 A docked Padfone 2 with a completely different system compared to the original, a better one discarding the gate for a much more fluid transitioning. With a screen marginally smaller than the S3’s, this update is purported to be coming into the country officially unlike its predecessor. Now whether that happens to be true is something only a local launch would be able to answer.

It is going to be an alternative to Samsung’s line-up along with every other flagship and in direct competition to Lenovo’s foray into the mobile industry but with an edge because of the Padfone 2 being a real phone/tablet hybrid.

Stay tuned especially if you’re considering buying one (a new phone) or the other (a tablet) because if this thing lands, youll be hitting two birds with a single displacement of funds.

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