iPAD Mini Keynote

IPadMiniKeynote01 I watched the keynote this morning when I woke up, through CNETs coverage the Apple coverage hosted on CNET’s site as you can see from the image above. Thus now there is another Apple device which competes against its own but more so against the market of 7 inch devices dominated by Android.

What I found different from this keynote is that they compared it to the Nexus… Now I havent watched many of Steve Jobs’ unveilings but I’m not sure a comparative is part of it, however because they are the latecomers in this arena, theres probably no helping doing one.

IpadMiniComparative The comparison mostly touched on the advantage of having a bigger screen, at 7.9 inches, for browsing the web and maintaining the aspect and resolution for all their current lineup of tablet specific apps not require further manipulation of code. A little bit weird because they did stretch the iPhone 5’s screen so why not with this similarly timed release?

Here are the highlights of the iPad Mini:

IpadMiniHighlights A5 dual core chip, front Facetime HD camera, 5MP iSight rear camera, LTE, WiFi, Lightning port, 10hour life and iOS6, not at all new but repackaged into a smaller, thinner, and lighter device.

Now the question is… will you be discarding your iPad 2 / 4th Generation for this smaller alternative?

  1. i guess…not? with their new lineup i got even more confused

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