Canon EOS-M now available!


Taken directly from the canon site for the device, this new entry to the compact DSLM options is about to become one of the best secondary cameras for professionals and primary to a select few.

Three options are available for purchasign as per this graphic. A kit without flash (36k), a kit with mount for those with Canon lenses and speedlites already (41k) and a complete kit with a Speedlite and an additional lens for a kickstart into Canon photography (48k).

A host of other features can be seen at the source link: FullHD recording modes, stereo mic, ISO levels, handheld night mode, backlight control, and art filters to name a few.

Belonging to the APS-C sensor size category, this might just sway some micro four-thirds users to the Sony / Nikon / Canon battleground, as for me I’m sticking to my guns for now… smaller full-frame bodies might just be on the horizon, controls of which vary by manufacturer which is really a loyalty thing. One for the holidays most probably; a lot of toys available for this generation of enthusiasts and professionals.

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