Bamboo Stylus – Not as primitive as you’d think


Ever since I’ve learned about who and what Wacom was and the products that they put out, I’ve been pining to take a technology from them home. They have lines for every manner of usage from the everyday scribbler to the professional and the power-user; their current lineup namely the Bamboo, Intuos, and the Cintiq.

The new capacitive tablets have given them somewhere to extend their products to and I had a chance to finally pick one up for myself when I saw and tested it yesterday. Although this isnt the most recent packaging (as is seen on their site) the product is the same and is actually called the ‘Solo’. They have three in this lineup – the Solo, the Duo (one with a pen on the reverse side), and the Pocket (which starts out small but can extend to a similar and more comfortable height) if memory serves me properly.

_1060891Here you can see it next to two drafting grade mechanical pencils I picked up from our recent trip to Cambodia, done so because I haven’t seen ones of the type being sold here. If there were three of the pencils, the cost would equal to that of the stylus which I picked up for 650Php. What is important, in drawing instruments is the heft and balance as well as the length and feel as it glides across the medium which the Solo does so even when there is film which was expressed in the documentation to have an effect on the overall experience.

Screenshot_2012-11-20-13-23-37As far as app support is concerned, there is a Bamboo Paper originally developed with the iPad and while there is an Android version as well right now, it only is compatible with the two Galaxy Note’s and the Galaxy S3 which I had side loaded into the Transformer but doesn’t work completely as it should and uses a black canvas instead of a white one. I guess I’d have to wait until they certify it for other machines for the best experience.

_1060894 The older stylus I was using, a generic one, as you can see above, has almost twice the diameter at the capacitive tip and the material has lost its ability to glide smoothly which I hope won’t happen to the Solo even if it is designed to be a replacable tip. This is in no way as accurate as an Adonit Jot,

I only saw the Bamboo Stylus being sold at Abacus in Greenhills but it is possibly available also in some of the Apple retailers – Beyond The Box, Power Mac Center, the A Shop and Switch.



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