Park Square One – The Curtain Falls


This parking building which may be older than me feels like its about to be torn down in favor of more lucrative vertical developments.

It hasn’t been a secret of course because slowly, around a month or two ago, a shop has closed down with announcements of its transfer up on its glass frontage. This time however around 70% of the tenants have either moved out or are operating with a skeletal workforce and only a handful of items for sale. Of course they haven’t really left the area… they’ve just moved to the new Glorietta.


Now I dont have the exact time when this particular wing opened but most of the former Park Square tenants now reside here, with double or triple their former space, along with a few new and very welcome merchants of technology.

The third floor of the new Glorietta 2, along with several shops also on the third floor of the adjacent wings, now has been transformed and is continuously being filled up with technology oriented sales to rival that of the SM North Edsa Annex.

Its good because now that there’s more space, merchants have a lot more display area to showcase things previously in storage. The shops remain fairly commercial though which means that VMall in Greenhills will still be the place to troop to when looking for more unorthodox products. This development however already dissuades me from moving to Megamall for example because there’s probably more to see here now… of course that development of theirs along EDSA will come to play in the very near future and who knows what that will bring to the table.

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