Toshiba U840W – Ultrawide Notebook Design


Not too long ago, during the 4th quarter of the current year, Toshiba presented this unorthodox notebook form factor to the world – an ultra wide notebook whose focus is on entertainment… especially movies spanning beyond the regular 16:9 ratio.

Last week I was fortunate enough to catch one on display and powered up. Its actually a bit deceitful because of its length, 14.4″ formatted to a 21:9 ratio looks huge… typing also feels a little bit different, might be because of the space running along the sides of the keyboard. There is also an implementation over windows that allows you to put two together side by side with one window covering 2/3rds of the screen… it looks like the one being used for windows 8 but the main window remains true to conventional aspect.

I don’t think plenty of people would prefer this screen over what is available now. The only realistic way of bringing one around is with an appropriately sized messenger bag… let us hope one comes with the 55k price tag.

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