Alternative Wireless Audio Solutions – Only In Cubao

What is so fascinating about Cubao is that even though a lot of people go through it and no matter how many times I think I’ve seen everything it has to offer there’s always something like a secret right around the corner… leave it to some of the pioneering mall complexes in the Philippines to date.

Inside one of them there’s a shop that has everything CD-R King doesn’t, or at least you can’t easily find in their stores filled with everything CD-R King.


Above is a photo of a receiver much like my recently purchased Logitech accessory. Its cheaper by a little over 400 but should function pretty much the same. I haven’t tried it out but bluetooth is such a known technology that its a wonder why this feature isn’t being built into speaker systems widely.


To step things up a little further there’s this similarly priced car version: smaller and probably powered by a battery. Might be nice for road trips where you could practically give control over the ambient music to anybody inside the vehicle.

Both these inputs leave it to the sound system to deliver quality ear candy. Consistency of connection is the only concern but I personally wouldn’t be too pessimistic about it. Of course the only real way to tell is a burn-in test… happy hunting!

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