Piece – JDrama Manga Adaptation


I havent written anything in a while and that is because everything up to now are rumors leading to the upcoming Mobile World Congress. I’ve come upon this interesting short japanese series however called Piece, relatively new and just completed.

It is a mystery involving former high school students one of which died of cancer and took a secret with her to the grave. In essence though this is an exploration of the discovery and acceptance of love and all the complications that come with it. Main characters: Hikaru Narumi (Yuma Nakayama) and Suga Mizuho (Tsubasa Honda) start a relationship which can only be described as ‘patient’. There are two timelines that the viewer follows while watching it due to the establishment of the characters through the entirety of their high school lives.

The simple plot is enhanced by the involvement of several key characters which revolve around the deceased former classmate which delivers a twist that, while not totally unexpected, comes out of the blue nearing the final episode.

This 13 part jdrama is around 23 minutes each which can be completed in about 5 and a half hours continuously. It uses music from Matchbox Twenty and it does compliment the scenes quite well. A recommended refresher of how young love works and the proverbial magic that comes with it.

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