The Nook HD+ Makes An Appearance


As I was walking around thinking there wasnt anything new in the market I suddenly come across this box that I havent seen before. The name is well known and the price is quite appealing – a 32GB 9” FullHD tablet display for less than 15,000Php its almost a steal, in fact it is one… so whats wrong with this picture? Nothing really, that is if you’re very into reading.

Apparently, much like the Kindle, the Nook sports a heavily modified UI and an equally heavily truncated app library. Viewing the Verge’s review however reveals quite a disappointing performance from a possibly great hardware configuration.

There apparently is a way to transform it into a CM Android tablet through the micro SD card but quick research shows that it needs to be bought although there might be an alternative with a little more searching.

The Nook HD+ is certainly something but whether that something is right for you or not all depends on the use you would have for the tablet. If anything else, the gorgeous screen resolution for reading and watching might make up for the lackluster performance or else an update might be in the works which would (hopefully) work much more smoothly on the Nook HD+. Quite an option of you’re on the lookout.

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