Asus MeMO Pad Market Presence

I did a round at the nearby Glorietta 2 a few minutes ago and I found this in the display window of Electroworld (and not on any other shops there):


While it has probably been there since saturday, it is still a very fast market release considering it was announced just recently and got out earlier than the other items in the Vivotab line of Asus.

The MeMO Pad, whose details may be found here, might just be the gift that you were looking to provide for a special someone this nearing valentines… pretty smooth timing Asus!

Through official channels however, it was indicated that the supposed SRP is just 6,995Php and not the amount on the tag above. But, if this model is black, then it does not belong to the current set of officially available colors which are: cherry pink, titanium gray, and sugar white… hmm, a whole thousand for a black model… might be a little more snooping around will find me something nearer the retail price.

A belated lunar new year and an advanced valentines greetings to all! And to up and coming owners of the MeMO Pad… have a blast with your cool new Android tablet!

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