Step Up Rings – Extending Compatibility

This evening I’ve been made to wait at Il Terrazo at Tomas Morato and found out that there exists a photography equipment store there. I had been looking for an ND filter for my lenses with the smaller thread diameter with pretty much no success lest I opt for a CPL or a UV Haze which are both just a little more than protection for the front element… until the sales person offered a step up ring.


These things have been around forever and their primary use is to change the thread to either a larger or smaller size (with a step down ring). This thin piece of threaded metal costs 350Php and allows my 46mm diameter lenses to receive implements for a 52mm; For more than a third of the price of a pro grade filter, both my 25mm and 14mm primes now can be connected to my two conversion lenses and the ND filter I already own.


While it obscures the text written in front of the lens, the additional compatibility more than makes up for that. Step up rings basically give the users the ability to utilize accessories over a wider array of lenses much like mounts are to camera bodies and competitor lenses.

I also almost bought a generic 52mm lens cap just so I could have a cap and have the stepup ring connected always but the additional 250Php cost threw me off. Heres to hoping the threads on this ring not lose traction and grip on whatever will be placed on top of it. You can check similar items, Tamrac bags, lenses, lights, everything basically related to the craft at Fotohub Digital at the ground floor of the Il Terrazo building.

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