The Voice – Vocal Score 2 Booth

While on my way back home last Sunday I came upon this kiosk in the ground floor of Glorietta 4:


Since “The Voice” is quite the popular music oriented talent show it didnt take much to draw peoples attention, including mine, into it. Apparently, this setup has been doing the rounds for about two weeks already now once in Trinoma (1st week), and then in Market Market (2nd week), and now here at Glorietta, with Alabang Town Center to follow suit.


Inside the booth is a complete karaoke setup wherein passers by can try their luck at singing and being judged by the programming of the machine which displays red lyrics if you’re not in tune, and blue ones otherwise.

P4140872 Up to about 4 people can be accommodated within the enclosure and it is especially good for groups whom all would participate because you can only use the booth once over their entire promotion.

Prizes up for grabs are a lanyard (89 below), a shirt (90-95), and a grand prize of tickets for 2 to red box (96-100). I got a measly 65 for my attempt with this really tricky engine… you can see it shift at times from displaying red to blue if you suddenly shift tones and seemingly does not care how loud you sing or if youre really singing the lyric displayed. Right before me, the girl got an 80 which was the highest I saw for the time that I spent around it.

If you’re interested to take a shot at the tickets for one perfectly evaluated song then head over to G4 now. As of posting it will be their third day and they will be there up until saturday for the Glorietta leg.

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