The Lumia 720 Experience

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the Lumia 720 that I had borrowed from Nokia from their test drive program.


This unit differs from its 520, 820, and 920 siblings with its unibody form that is so smooth it literally slides into the pocket. At 4.3” it isn’t the biggest of screens out there but coming from a 4” it already feels like a big improvement probably because of how the Windows phone interface looks and feels. Below is a tour around the device:


The highlight is of course the BSI camera which touts a Zeiss lens (although they say its a Nokia lens almost everywhere) that, compared to the 8MP lens of the 920, performs just as well even in low light situations.


Here are a few sample shots which presents the capacity of the optics:


Photo above shows the closest focusing distance which allows for a little bit of blur. That is because even if the aperture is wide, the sensor is small which doesnt allow for much depth of field.


Colors do seem a tad bit lacking in range but it differs in environments due to the compensation applied by the software. Another fantastic aspect of the 720 is the battery which literally lasts for days (or at the very least one day with really heavy utility)


This screenshot was taken before it finally shut itself down with usage mostly on navigation, imaging and minor messaging and calls. It is almost a standby readout but the prospect of having to use the phone heavily without the need to charge is very welcome.


There are a host of applications which are preloaded with the Lumia 720 which I think makes it appealing to users who do not have enough time to tinker about with the store and choose apps for immediate productivity. The integrated Office 365 as well as the “Here” apps (GPS navigation) covers the essentials which many users will be most concerned with.

The 720 retails for close to 17000Php with a discount available to cash purchasers. It is definitely a very good mid-end device which not only has the looks but also has enough power and applications to make it stand on its own merits. Grab one for immediate productivity but do not forget to first configure a Microsoft account, preferably with a Windows 8 device because it syncs most of the data with it.

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