Asus Vivo Mouse

I havent written much about the Computex that just passed but this new product is quite the looker (as well as most interesting to me because I have a mouse collection):

Asus VivoMouse (1)

From the side it looks like one of the more streamlined mice designs out there but from all the other angles it gets really interesting.


This particular mouse has a circular ‘active zone’ which acts more like an advanced trackpad than anything else. It also has the brushed metal finish that can be found in most of the premium Asus products popularized by their Zenbook series.

Asus VivoMouse (3)

It is common knowledge that it is not the first touch activated mouse but it does have innovative features brought about by having a limited active zone such as bringing up the Windows 8 menus through the edge gesture controls (charms, options, app switching, app closing) .

Here’s to hoping AsusPh somehow manages to bring it in. It is a sleek and very stylish unorthodox mouse design that will compliment most of their premium products.

  1. Bagay to sa zenbook ko. Alam na san mapupunta yan in case maisipan mong bilhin hahaha

      • Mark Obra
      • June 12th, 2013

      San? Sa tabi ng Zenbook? hehehe

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