The Symbols for the Current Future


This weekend I’ve gone through my usual runthrough of the local retailers and found this on one of them. Its not much of a looker but what caught my eye was the sticker beside the fingerprint reader.



This vertically oriented Intel label on top of the equally new GeForce sticker along with the black and red AMD APU labeling make up the current generation of processors available for consumer purchase.

By far, this is the easiest determinant whether or not the item you are about to purchase belong to the years offerings (since almost each year a new generation comes out). Logo and imaging for me is quite effective especially when looking for an item’s particular specification / feature as plenty of them have their own I.E. LTE, NFC, BT, Wireless, Etc.

Simply put, if youre purchasing something with another version of the Intel insignia, it is already outdated as of current computing standards which literally changes quite rapidly. Happy shopping, especially when going for tech!

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