My Passport Air – The Mac Mate


Six coins… that is not the price of this new storage wonder that our friends from Think Big Events lent me for review, it is the height, believe it or not, of the device itself.


The My Passport Air is Western Digital’s foray into the slim line of storage devices, this one a tad bit more special due to the fact that this is specifically designed for Mac and a little bit more directed towards the Macbook Air.

P7182632The packaging is quite different from earlier editions because of the flap but apart from that its pretty much standard with WD products.

P7182633Touring around the device we are greeted with the usual stylings of the Apple brand. Aluminum all around with black and matte shades with a matching heft that is very much unlike that of the regular Passports.


Above you can see it beside one of the older Passports, the size just a little over half and almost as tall as a pencil. Being a Mac oriented device, it is preformatted to HFS+J and requires a reformat to pair it with a PC.

Thickness, as simple as it sounds, does matter when packing stuff for travel and everyday mobility. The recent line of portable drives are becoming easier to take around and while it costs a little more than the regular sized ones, there are timess when ease of access and storage do account for more.

Its great that more and more options are coming out, especially thin ones like these for upgrading lines of ultrabooks (of course you’d need to take the enclosure apart to do that, but when these babies go into mainstream, so should the drives without enclosures). This would make for a thinner media library should you decide to place them in stacks. All in all a wonderful addition to the wide selection of storage options out there. Kudos WD.

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