Bamboo is now Intuos!

This isnt really a sad day for those owning an Intuos tablet from Wacom because the names of their products have also upgraded into Intuos Pro.

IntuosNew The updated design of the Bamboo line is really sleek and very desirable, it lost the sides which made the tablet a bit cumbersome before (or its still there but it is now integrated into the lines forming a stylish monotonic look).

Intuos_ It also seems as if all of their offerings are capable of touch recognition, something they used to differentiate through a premium on a device with both capabilities.

Streamlining the names between the product lines is a very good move, especially the redesign (they even came out with a special edition of the Pro versions which has a silver top and bottom strip that would most likely appeal to Mac users). Wacom is really churning out products quickly all these right after they released the companion line of products.

Find out more about the Intuos here and the Intuos Pro here.

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