Improve Google Drive Space NOW

My last entry was 12 days ago I think and that was with an app as well. Its not as if there had been a complete lack of news when it pertains to technology its just that I’ve been sidelined by looking for a phone haha.

Yesterday the iOS7 was released and we all know about that, its all over the place. Now comes the time for real time testing by the users and I’m tracking one as we speak.. maybe after a week I’d write about that.. for now though heres some good news from Google to Android users… improved drivespace through syncing with a completely free app known as Quickoffice.


You can see it at the forefront of the available office productivity apps which allow for editing and viewing documents created from Microsoft Office. I’ve personally tried around seven of these “compatible” apps and have settled on OfficeSuite as my favorite, that however does not detract from the beauty of something free and completely useful, not to mention improvement of available space on the cloud that is Quickoffice.


I was not able to document the space prior to downloading and syncing but thats where my Google Drive stands right now, just a tad shy from my Dropbox capacity. This space upgrade is a limited offer and new users will not get the upgrade on Sept 26 so do grab the app while it is running the offer.

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