Worlds Smallest Router–Asus WL-330NUL


Are you going on a trip with your notebook or are having problems with your network connection devices and have a USB port to spare then you better rush to your nearest Asus retailer and grab yourself one of these!


WL-330NUL this is the official name of the all in-one router that simply does it all. It’s a router, ethernet / wireless adapter, and hotspot able to handle and retransmit either ethernet or wireless signals.

Initially I thought that the adapter included in the box was to provide juice for the small router to operate but it turns out there isn’t an internal battery on this one instead we find a small partition where installation data is present.


What is amazing about the device is that it knows what mode to take on because of how it is set up. The wall socket configuration performs two of the possible uses and is configurable wirelessly using a utility program but not without having it connect to a PC first to preconfigure some things like the name of the network and what-have-yous.


It’s actually pretty similar to a program called Connectify which we used to share a singular connection being provided by a resort hotel we were staying in a few weeks back, too bad I didn’t have this with me yet… that would’ve made things so much easier.


Practically all types of connection scenarios have been solved with this tiny rectangular tube about 2,5” tall. Configured properly, which is very easy because the router will almost do it for you, it becomes an ultimate travel essential especially for those pesky instances that you only get to put the web onto once device… when you actually have a staggering amount of wireless paraphernalia all equally thirsty for the lifeblood that is the World WIde Web.

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