The RT-N12HP Extreme Networking Node

After the Asus Networking Weekend seminar, I was extremely interested in one of the units there because of what it is capable of doing, especially in the case of our office which resides at an attic.


The RT-N12HP is nowhere near regular routers in terms of both looks and capability. As is evident from the striking checkered design atop the unit. While that doesnt translate to the entirety of the device, the externals share features that can be likened to some of their G-series notebooks.


Tapering lines and side vents arent typically found in networking devices after all. At the back, since this is one of the more basic models, there are the typical single WAN and four LAN ports as well as the AC, power, WPS, reset buttons and the two antennas that make this such an interesting unit. (There are no USB ports on this one as it is one of Asus’ basic models)


Now the antennae are where it gets interesting. This particular model is equipped with two 9db antennae which is the highlight of even the packaging and the primary reason why I had wanted to integrate it into the networking system.



I had wanted to use it to distribute the connection over the entire place and even outside but all my attempts were continuously thwarted by the Modem-WiFi Router combo that comes with the DSL connection.

RTN12_Full It can work as a repeater as well, but seeing that I cannot access the setup page without having it connected to a modem of sorts, I was not able to configure it to perform as such. If there is anything lacking with this particular model it’d probably be a hardware switch to choose how the device works… which was a part of their earlier models. I guess thats a small price to pay for the sake of making the setup faster and more efficient for the end user.

The Asus RT-N12HP is certainly a router with a capacity that I have not tried before. Had I been with a connection that had an independent modem Im pretty sure setup wouldve been a snap and that the experience be far from what I’ve tried before. So in case you’re purchasing one just make sure you have an independent modem and youll never regret the switch… with killer looks and equally powerful transmitters, the RT-N12HP would be the highlight of your networking setup!

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