Roll back Windows Driver and make it stick!

Windows 8.1… not really news; but if you’ve upgraded to it, you might very well be experiencing issues with the drivers for legacy components… a problem that I have been entangled with for the longest time… but we might have a winner with a solution found also online.

The Case:

My HP Pavilion dv3-4210tx has an AMD Mobility Radeon graphics card and only seems to work significantly well with version drivers… Windows however, being all knowing, consistently and without fail, updates it to which is characterized by the screen being in 100% brightness all the time.

The Battle:

For weeks I’ve been constantly going in and out of device manager to update the driver to the older version every instance that Windows updates it into the latest.



Going into Windows Update right after setting it to and then doing a manual check for updates.


This reveals the AMD update item in the “Important Updates” section and you simply right click on it and select “hide update”. After that has been disabled, Windows shouldn’t feel the need to replace a perfectly working legacy driver with the newest one available from their database. What happens with a hidden update is that it goes into some sort of “quarantine” box much like how AV software isolate threats.


While this does indeed seem to be the proper solution for the automated update, you should always be wary of windows trying to undo something that you yourself have determined to be the best device driver.

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