Stuck on EDGE now on LTE!–The Xperia Z Ultra Unleashed

Ever since my partner acquired the Xperia Z Ultra, she apparently never had a data connection which exceeded E or EDGE and so we went to the service center to update her SIM into an LTE one… that is the reason why we got the Z Ultra LTE version in the first place.


After an agonizing wait at the service center (even when we were just four numbers away from the current one being serviced) we finally got the SIM but it wasn’t until we got settled in that the original (non-LTE) lost its signal which means that the provisioning had pushed thru. When we replaced the SIM and tested it out it still wouldn’t go past E and so I had to tinker with it a little bit already.

The problem as it turns out is that the configuration was set to GSM only and so after modification I restarted the unit… it was still just getting E at this point and so I manually searched for mobile networks and found out there, in a screen similar to this one:


that the phone was still connected to one of those Globe Telecom-PH networks with 2G on it… and there it was, a 4G network visible and ready. After switching to that one here are the results:


On the computer screen you can see a less than average speed whereas on the phone it is nearly ten times faster than what is available on DSL. It literally just chomped through the 15MB app that is the Speedtest to perform the same.


Now it is time for some serious consideration whether or not to subscribe to an unlimited service because with such speed… megabytes escalate far too quickly to monitor with such a connection and it really is such a waste to not utilize.

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