As far as getting gifts go, I’d say I’m not at all any good. I tend to overthink it at times and that can be pretty fatal.
This post is for my partner – selfless, thoughtful, and above all infinitely beautiful.
Her smile is everything I need to get through the day.
Her eyes light up and you can literally feel the joy that flows through them.
Her thoughts among the most profound and the complexities within her words are puzzles I would spend eternity trying to find a solution.
Her time flows unfettered, like the universe sets its pace in tune with it.
She exudes elegance and grows even more so each day that passes.
She is enigmatic, moody, temperamental, and above all, a girl.
Like how I greeted my mom last mother’s day, this day I am greeting her, my partner, my love…

Happy Valentines Katsy! I love you!

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