Sony Product Resilience


Just came from the house and picked up my PSPs 5 year old battery, one which I’m almost sure doesn’t charge anymore but lo and behold, the light right now is red!

I’ll report back if it indeed still works because the first replacement battery (currently on my second) I used doesn’t charge anymore now. I’m currently reinvigorating this device to play some titles I haven’t been able to before. Currently going through the english version of God Eater – Gods Eater Burst – one of those games whose every encounter is different and so many variables can be toyed around with. Will probably try an english patched SAO as well eventually.

Update: after around 3+ hours of charging, it continues to charge but displays 100% on battery status… got to play around 20mins or so then it died on me XD well at least there are available battery replacements around… but if I find the time, I might just leave this thing charging to see if it will recover its full state eventually.

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