Hands on with the Galaxy S5!

While roaming around Aura Premiere I went to the Samsung store and found two units there that you can play around with.


The device is considerably thin, not the thinnest but its got a nice feel even its weight.


The back has a leathery feel and sports a camera with a flash and what appears to be several additional sensors lined up beside the LED.


I played around just a bit with the camera and the UI is very fast with continuous focus and plenty of options leading to very compehensive controls.. it does maintain simplicity by keeping all of this tucked away in the gear icon.

The main UI seems to be plenty boxy and the fonts are easy to read on the very vibrant display. I did feel rushed though, like the UI keeps on doing something to rush the user IE on the lockscreen a burst of guide appears to tell you to swipe the screen to access the phone, as welk as the continuous focus lock indicator that changes to adapt to motion… it might just be the pre production model though.

If you want to have a go head on over to Samsung, Aura Premiere… it will be on a table with the Gear 2 and some Note 3s.

  1. Seems a little big. But I’m still using a flip phone from 2005.

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