SDXC and a gratuitous Power Bank – An Antithesis to a Music Player

Plenty of arguments for and against getting a dedicated music player have been put down but the answer has not completely gotten traction until a familiar fellow literally showed her head.


Danbo, the anime character made up of boxes, of whom we currently have three (2 big ones and 1 small one) suddenly surprised us on a box while roaming along Virramall – a box with an mAh rating!

Initially we found a small one on display, rated at 6000 and it probably is actually the size of a regular Danbo figure head, of course we went into the shop to satisfy our curiosity and lo and behold, another, bigger version, this time rated at 10400, just a little bit shy of the 11200 that most major power bank manufacturers are making, was present there as well. It is about the size of a portable hard drive, carries the trademark color, circular eyes and triangular mouth of the character with the addition of a few LED dots as charge indicators. This one immediately sold itself to my partner, who was revealed to be an avid collector once started off, and with it a brand new 64GB SDXC from Sandisk to pair with the Z Ultra for all manner of applications.


The battery of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is rated at 3050 mAh but an earlier purchased 3000mAh bank never gets it up to more than around 65% and a non user-replaceable battery leaves very little options in terms of keeping the device powered and at the ready. At 6.4 inches and with top tier internals, the phone/tablet hybrid can easily function as an all around workhorse and entertainment center. The Cheero Power Plus Danboard at 10400mAh practically triples that productivity and fun! (that of course includes the fully charged state of the device)The packaging comes with its very own string pouch accentuated by the character’s trademark eyes and mouth.


Being the music lover that she is lends to an extraordinary amount of audio data and that is where the SDXC comes in; 64GBs along with the internal 16GBs can carry plenty already, especially if there is periodic movement of photographic data which can really fill out the device especially when shooting always at the maximum resolution. Media is almost always the greater part of a device’s memory utilization and having the 64GBs directly improves in that aspect, and allows for even movies or entire series to be stored for full Triluminous goodness. We did check, prior to purchase, if the device supports the SDXC cards; not all current generation devices do after all.


This three part combination – the Z Ultra, the Cheero Power Plus and the 64GB SDXC make up my partner’s mobile arsenal; add to that constant LTE connection and really, you’d only need to work on a computer if you need to type real fast or you were doing something which requires considerable processing power… but even that can soon be transcended by apps.

  1. I also bought a Cheero Danboard Version of Power Bank at a year ago and It’s still working. I’m amazed because of its charging speed and its cute design. Thank you so much for this post!

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