Blackrapid Classic – The Not-So-Simple Sling

I’ve been postponing getting myself one for the longest time but our recent trip to Japan made me seriously rethink the purchase. Of course postponing is akin to canvassing and when I found out how much these items cost in Japan, what was left is the immediacy of ownership… that and the fact the my GF3 fell from being slung over my shoulder instead of over my neck which is what a neck-strap is used for.


Katsy, my partner, got one first during the Photoworld Asia event – a Blackrapid Elle specifically shaped for women… even then I also use it sometimes when I end up carrying both cameras anyway… prior to which I was using the strap included in a Lowepro case as it fits well on the extensions on the lugs of the OM-D because it was long enough to sling over the opposite shoulder (I’m such a cheapskate I know haha).


This system is not the only one of its kind of course, there is also the Carry-Speed which some prefer because of its cross usability on tripods with the Arca Swiss connection… while this might be advantageous for particular users I find myself still drawn toward the Blackrapid solution.


I’m very familiar with the material and it feels absolutely secure with the camera in place, the only gripe I have with this particular model is an embroidery at the back side of the sling which says EOS Digital – a distinct Canon classification.


This model also has a small pocket which can carry small items like a spare battery, batteries, memory cards, even cash I reckon. Even though this model belongs in their older product line, I’m very happy to finally be equipped with my very own. Got mine for nearly 2000Php at a CameraHaus branch. There’re plenty of models from their more recent offerings most of which will probably make an appearance at tomorrows DPP8 event. Happy hunting!

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