Asus VivoPC and M70 Launch

Tech media were invited yesterday inside Fraser Place to witness the all new VivoPC and the M70 in its natural environment – a residence!


The event started off with Asus reps filling us in on the innovations inside these two new units that they are currently offering.


To wit: the VivoPC is their smallest PC offering coming in at 190x190x56.2mm only! (that’s about two-thirds of a ruler only for quick visualization) Its coming in two variants a Celeron (VM40B) that will retail at 16,990Php and a Core i3 (VM60) powered one which will sell for 25,990Php. They fit virtually anywhere, even on a wall for that matter, futureproof (as the lid can easily be removed to replace components such as the HDD and memory), has incredible sound and fast WiFi 802.11ac.


as well as the M70AD which lies within “Premium Multimedia” classification (below Workstation class) that is to sport 2TB of drive space, 12GB RAM, wireless Qi charging on top, intuitive audio and cooling systems, all the latest connectivity modules, with the i7-4770 variant retailing at 63,990Php both to be made available around two weeks from today!


We went into one of the units that was filled with Asus devices among all the other furniture: here in the living room we saw the VivoPC at work which is being wirelessly controlled through a tablet through an app:


In one of the bedrooms we saw the O!Play media player on an Asus Monitor no less, of which we witnessed trailers through the autoplay feature we were told about:


At the kitchen we played with a wonderfully big screen with its very own bass sub-woofer, one of their All-in-One PC offerings… Windows 8 really shines when used in this manner:


And in the other bedroom we find the M70 rigged on to a gaming set-up with a 3D monitor and an ROG Vulcan headset:


After the tour, which is part of the raffle activity, all of us gathered at the living room where one of the participants was lucky enough to go home with a VivoPC of his own.


The VivoPC is a definite contender in the minified PC realm with all the aesthetics and features to blow the competition out of the water and the M70 could very well be used as a workstation in a very sleek and eye catching design to match. Props to Asus Philippines for bringing in more products that cater to more and more user types with the unique aesthetic they’ve been known to put out. Expect these to fill out display shelves in no time at all.

    • VincentRows
    • May 7th, 2016
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