Sketchup Mobile Viewer – Design Practitioners Rejoice


While I was tinkering around with another laptop a while ago, I chanced upon a tab over at the Sketchup website which led me to this – a very new (10+ downloads) app released just a few days ago that allows native Sketchup files to be viewed on an Android device! (The iOS version had a much earlier release date).

This is a paid app however… 10USD approx; is it worth it? I’d say most definitely especially for site meetings and quick annotation tasks. Just imagine walking around with a pen enabled tablet with a client and you can just as simply grab the screen and annotate then save in an instant making sure you do not miss any idea that might have been explored during a walkthrough – SWEET!

Now I’ve yet to test this personally but having used Turboviewer (for CAD) for the longest time I’m already convinced with the capacity of the app to hasten the design process. I won’t be surprised to see this populating design discipline techies’ device of choice in the next few months (even if there is some need to shell out cash for it).

Play Store images suggest of course signing into your Google Account (even though this is Trimble now), seeing multiple thumbnails of available models within the device, simple controls over at the side with support for views, and even finding models within the Google Warehouse!






Worth the ten dollars its asking for? As users have been looking for a workaround ever since and prior, I’m sure some would even consider it as cheap! This app coming into my devices isn’t even a question!

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