The GoPole – Beyond Check-In!


We’re currently flying our way to one of the world’s most notable ruins rest – Siem Reap. During our check-in procedure, this guy in front of us had a backpack with all his electronics on it AND a GoPole sticking out!!!

Why this is such an issue for me is because I too carry camera mounting equipment but none of those can be “carried-on” into the plane. This dude just said to the lady behind the desk – “… it’s ok, I just carried it with me last time; its just plastic” like it was a valid excuse! While I’m pretty sure I can stow away one of the smaller Gorillapods within my carry-on pack and somehow get away with it, this one was just jutting out of the backpack, so-much-so that he can’t zip it close.

Could someone shed some light on this matter? Because if its the plastic material or the monopoddish design that allows this to pass through carry-on then there must be a loophole that should somehow be utilized further for other purposes.

PS I also saw a few people weilding about a “selfie-pod” while waiting to board… is the rule ONLY against tripods and umbrellas? I had thought that it applied to items that can possibly be weaponized in-flight.

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