Bamboo Fineline – The Tablet Stylus Comes Full Circle


Priced at 60USD (approx 2600Php) the form factor and tip, not to mention an array of different colors for different personalities, make for the most compelling and probably most natural feel for working with tablets.

While I understand why the stylus took quite the time to get to this point, the speed and capability of current generation devices is now able to provide acceptable feedback for graphic designers. I had been walking around yesterday and saw a Galaxy Tab Pro which i tested with my own S-Pen on the Sketchbook for Galaxy app that was pre-installed – the quick orientation shifts and near instant output within pen mode is easily comparable with a graphic tablet response over a computer… of course there is the lack of apps that might have been running on the background but the performance should not be so different over time.

I might just have to get myself one of these, even though I don’t own a top of the line tablet yet, using this stylus over the multitude of available tablets on hand should be enough motivation. Can’t wait to see it on store shelves over here!

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