The Green Thumb Games – Quest for the Golden Retriever

Spinach – the most valuable commodity this past week for those playing the Farmville 2 game for mobile! Prompted by a notification for new game content, an event marked by flags situated at the corners of the main structures and a podium beside Eagle Eye Eddie had started – to last the entire week (culminated last midnight), and to award twenty (originally only 12) of the most religious farmers a Golden Retriever each at its end.


The dog/s, 4 breeds as of writing, are the hardest to acquire among animals in-game (purchasing not considered). Unique from prized animals, these characters provide an additional “helping hand” with higher percentage afforded to the “rare” ingredients that can be found at activated areas such as the glade, mine, prized animals, and fishing spots… they cost 400 keys each or around 36 stamps for the Border Collie which seems easiest to get. They were introduced as part of an earlier game update.


When the first day of the event ended I noticed being in on the global leaderboard as every player was practically just starting out. Somehow I managed to crawl up the ranking while getting the hang of the system and pretty soon I was battling for top spot…


True to gamer form, even if this is a time-based game, I kept playing/monitoring until the final seconds lengthening the distance between me and my closest competitor in hopes of getting some form of bonus for hitting number one… sadly there wasn’t any.


Points during the final stretch of the event

I did get my own Golden Retriever of course, one of only twenty (I could only hope perpetually), as premium prize items such as these make playing the game much more rewarding.


I finally have the dog house populated… I might make a goal of finishing up some more orders from Eddie to finally get the Border Collie so that my Golden Retriever has a buddy. I’ve yet to feel the additional boost to rare ingredient finds with the dog of course but I’m sure its there.

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