Nexus 2012 on Android L 5.1

Hot off the heels of the announcement of available factory images, I jumped on the opportunity to reflash my Nexus to the latest build hoping against hope that it provides a faster and generally better overall experience from the device unlike the previous 5.0.2 build which literally takes the cake for making the once speedy tablet respond to a crawl.5.1Update

And so once again we have the command driven ADB push that wipes the device in favor of the LMY47D Android 5.1 (screenshot this time around).

Not long after the four colors have swirled for about 5 minutes or so began the start up sequence that ended with a restoration graphic forcing me to wait a bit until all the apps that have been recorded by the servers at mountain view have been replanted back into the device.


This time around the graphics were speedy, just like when you have the location switch set to off previously (a trick that I hope this time around users of the 2012 Nexus wont need).

I can say that this version feels promising, so much so that I urge all those using the current Lollipop, to manually update their devices into this new version. (Even those that opted to go back to the first few factory images to return the functionality to a more basic, ultimately faster overall experience).


It shouldnt take the entire evening to replenish all the data and tomorrow I’m expecting an experience of Lollipop like how it was meant to be when they envisioned Material Design accross the Nexus line.

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