The Case of Instagram Compatibility

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was among the very first Android devices and Sony (then Sony Ericsson / SE) flagships – it came with Android 1.6 Donut and got updates up till Gingerbread 2.3. As my very first phone, it had served me for quite some time until I eventually replaced it with the Xperia M. It was a downgrade whichever way you look at it, but the more recent internal specifications meant that I were able to handle phone tasks better, faster, and the phone held its own in terms of stamina especially with constant connection to the web… the camera experience however was quite the disappointment.

Xperia M Camera Assembly

Xperia M Camera Assembly

Coming from the X10 which touted an 8MP spec at the rear it felt like night and day when shooting with the M, a meager 5MP that was not designed to be a highlight of the unit. Back then Instagram had been an Apple exclusive but ever since the app had migrated into both ecosystems, camera spec can be considered a premium especially with users fond of this manner of photography – hence the revival… well that and you can’t have multiple Instagram accounts riding on a single phone, that’s just inefficient.

With the firmware refreshed and the main Google apps up to date it comes down to the Instagram installation – all good and without issues until you attempt to upload an image that is… I was met with a message that said: “Can’t Continue Editing. Sorry, there was a problem editing your photo. A report has been sent to Instagram” that returns me to the cropping interface once acknowledged. It prevented me from reaching the upload interface making the phone and app simply a viewer which isn’t in my interest with the phone resurrection.

Research revealed that I wasn’t an isolated case and that the best solution is to install a legacy version that would take care of the issue. Now this is a very typical method and it hadn’t escaped my trials from before however then I was met with another dialog saying that I needed to upgrade my Instagram to the latest version to continue using the app. As it turns out, some of the latest builds on version histories did not have this issue and so all I needed to find was the final build that was fully compatible with the X10 of which the candidates were: 4.2.6, 5.3, and 6.24. These can be found online in version repositories which are truly very helpful.

The phone eventually settled with 4.2.6 providing the full selection to upload process without issues of unending loads or preventive dialog boxes. With this I am now able to leverage the nice camera output I’ve missed since migrating to the M and possibly install a few compatible layouting apps for when the 1:1 aspect no longer does justice to a frame.

X10 Camera Assembly

X10 Camera Assembly

The X10 camera information remains a mystery as it wasn’t being documented at the time unlike it is nowadays and the EXIF information it puts out contains only the aperture (f2.8) and focal length (4.7mm which ends up to around 35mm in my tests – 18mm in m4/3).


I found two conflicting resources online – a calculated set from XDA and one from the Sony forums in response to an inquiry for the phone to be made usable in 3D tracking… my senses point me towards the former.

Like how older camera glass are renowned in photography, I believe, seeing the shots that are being put out, that there is something special with the X10 set-up: whether its the software, the sensor or the miniaturized lens elements, that makes me want to maintain it – if only for the purposes of Instagram… and some entertainment as well… I’d mainly like to think about it in the lines of advanced digital lomography ^^

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