MX Revolution Battery Not Charging Quick Fix

Peripheral powerhouse Logitech is known the world over for its product’s excellence and reliability. It is not without quirks however, as I am very well familiar, having resorted to their products time and again – a collection, if you will, is almost on the horizon.

The MX Revolution is one of the top mice of Logitech’s yesteryear, the nomenclature being carried over to the very recent MX Master. It had been exhibiting charging woes and initially I thought of it as merely a reaction to having not been charged for a long time until I checked the MX Air, whose charge cycle the Revolution somehow matches, and it still carries charge like a champ. After a short query on the web, I found out that it can possibly be solved by re-setting the battery from the board triggering yet another one of my tinkering episodes.

It begins with the removal of pads to access the screws, nothing new as I’ve done mice teardowns before, this one slightly different due to the presence of buttons on the side of the Revolution – this requires a bit of care to prevent damage to the wire that controls these toggles.
Past the detachment of the cable you’d only need to remove and re-place the battery on its cradle (effectively refreshing the board’s sensors) allowing the mouse to once again charge with its dock! It had been a suspense filled few milliseconds as we waited for the indicator to pass the known error point, which it surprisingly did and continued on to trickle towards a visible full charge.

Seeing the battery spec clearly shows a current requirement that can easily be supplied by a USB port, a method that was employed in MX generations beyond this one.

I had thought I’d need to be replacing this particular part, lest the mouse becomes a permanent shelf display item. This just goes to show that a little bit of curiosity goes a long way so dont just give up on anything at the onset, there is, literally, a world of information right under our fingertips!

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