The Asus Zenfone Zoom : Up Close And Personal

Should there be a chance that the resolving power of a smartphone be so promising it would effectively eliminate the need to bring a camera altogether, you’d go for it would you not? This product has been set in Asus’ sights, and had been a year in the making, since it’s introduction during CES 2015. It is ready now, is here, priced, and market available in no time at all.

Meticulous can be a word to describe the Zenfone Zoom. Following a 201-step process could only reflect well on the craftsmanship that can truly be identified once the device is held. Italian leather on an anodized and polished body, 10-element lens assembly that had undergone the most stringent iterations until they got to the profile that it is today and mind you, it is as sleek as they come.

Around the device we find the left side without any ports or buttons, this lending to the natural landscape orientation that the device is poised to take whenever photographs are to be taken. On the right we find the familiar power and volume buttons, these ones more special due to having W (wide) and T (tele) engraved on them, and dedicated shutter and record buttons on the other side. A classic lanyard slot has been revived and is a part of the main body in that way you’d be sure that you were supporting the phone in its entirety whence you have one (strap) around your wrist.

It’s main feature, a 3x optical zoom with a very silent stepping motor mobilizing the non prism elements, serves its purpose absolutely and without fail. It doesn’t seem like a lot in value but in practice it holds plenty of promise.

The easiest way to wrap ones head around what the Zenfone Zoom is I think this way – a resurrected Zenfone 2 Deluxe outfitted with a formidable camera assembly and styled to a level classifiable as a work of art. Heck even the packaging is incredibly luxurious, unlike any Zenfone unit before it.

It comes with its own leather hand strap that matches the color of the phone model inside the box, we’ve been presented with white, black, and orange earlier… The camera face however does not change color even if the back is replaced so one should choose between black and white with care in mind.

You can expect the 128gb model to hit store shelves within a few days with a 26,995Php SRP.

Here is a short hands-on with the device and several samples within the video:

  1. February 6th, 2016
  2. February 10th, 2016

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