TCL Slick Peek with the C1 QUHD 4K TV

Filling out the PBA Cafe at Metrowalk, TCL held its first blogcon of the year! The kicker is a truly slim 4K UHD TV the C1. It was an evening filled to the brim with performances and activities highlighting their 2016 product offerings and an overall good time for everyone around that they shared it with. There were acoustic performances and dance numbers in spades!

The show stealing C1 comes in with an all-metal (aluminum titanium alloy) 9.9mm profile featuring a black crystal panel with a wide color gamut thru the Pure View Engine representing 82% of the NTSC standard, powered by a 1.5GHz 64-bit processor Cortex A53. With the cinematic 50/55/65″ QUHD screen shipping with native HEVC decoding for 4K even from the USB!!!

Local celebs Troy and Aubrey were called out to talk about their experience day to day with a TCL in the household. Along with their kids and running businesses left and right apart from guestings, family time keeps them bonded and one of the essential pieces of technology within that equation is a TCL smart TV that the kids know better to operate than the parents.

Troy finished off with a note on futureproofing and Aubrey with color differences between panels and how superior TCL is compared to others.

Also released were the Smart Inverter ACs from TCL, something unheard of in the Philippines, as TCL is mostly known for their TV products locally.

Seeing another powerful player in the market is also quite timely as the heat of the summer, especially now, is just plain incredulous. Watch this space for more information on the products and pricing.

*TCL is the official TV partner of the PBA

  1. May 6th, 2016

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