LaCie Storage Drives get a boost with the Thunderbolt RAID

Storage technologies are cosntantly evolving, they follow mutiple lines: keeping the data, securing them, as well as transmitting them from one medium to another. All of these advancements had been captured by LaCie in their newest integrated drive now available at select Power Mac Centers (though if you want to be sure, the one at Powerplant in Rockwell should definitely have it!).

LaCie is Seagate’s premium line of products showcasing excellent design going to even an extent of partnering up with Porsche Design for a series of storage solutions that double up as eye candy for both external and portable drives. LaCie, in form and function, is rugged because of the iconic orange shock resistant housing that it comes in. Their lineup covers all types of data transfer tech from USB 3.0, USB Type C, Firewire, and now Thunderbolt.

The Thunderbolt RAID has incredibly fast read and write PLUS an additional layer of security depending on the RAID configuration that the drive is set on. For the uninitiated, the more common configurations are RAID 0 also known as striping, and RAID 1 – mirroring… put simply if the drive is 4GB at RAID 0 configuration you’re going to be able to utilize all of the space with faster read and write while only 2GB can be used in RAID 1 both drives holding the same data, each serving as one another’s backup.

Keeping data just got stronger and more stylish with the two lineups that Seagate, in the form of LaCie, is bringing to the market. Don’t forget to check them out at your nearest Power Mac Center.

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