Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Demon Chimera Takedown 20160714

​A very late post but I figured the journey wouldn’t seem complete without a narrative on how this Farplane boss was defeated.

While working on the story, one will find several encounters with a normal Chimera. When you find one and try to attack it with magic you’ll know that it cannot be harmed by the three main elements, this means that if you have Flametongue / Icebrand / Coral Sword on, you’ll be doing zero damage (this actually happened to me and it’s quite annoying)… same goes for this version. Here’s the stats of the monster… depressing right? It’s impervious to any sort of status change except sleep, which it also has some resistance to… whittling down 200k HP without poison, this would certainly be a lengthy battle without question.

The party I brought to battle were the main characters: Rain, Lasswell, and Fina, along with Galuf, and Vaan… didn’t have any better 5 stars during this battle so that’s why XP. At first I did try using the sleep technique but the damage was not substantial enough so I shifted gears.

I’ve battled the Demon Chimera like three/four times before finally ending him. The first few turns it will try to wipe your party out with global elemental attacks, quite damaging really… your party must survive through it… after the barrage, it would be as if the Demon Chimera had exhausted its MP and start attacking normally. Defeating the Demon Chimera is practically a battle of attrition… who has the higher HP so to speak.

You won’t need to bother much with spells in this encounter, in fact, I think (this is speculative, borne from battle experience) that if you hit it with magic, it will retaliate with the same… so bring out hefty characters with decent attack and the Force Armor should be in your hands in no time at all ^^

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