Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – ADV Colloseum S-4 Wyrm Takedown

Apart from the current ELT exploration challenge ongoing, I had spent a great deal of time and Collo Orbs attempting a win against the Wyrm duo on this particular level of the Colloseum. So much so that I dreaded going back and using Orbs there because I might just bring the total back down to zero however it seems that I now have a perfect counter… the key with my solution is not allowing them to cast the dual Needle Breath which simply destroys everything when it chains – its a powerful wind attack and I had considered getting Baraerora prior to fighting back.


I did have to wait a bit until I’ve completely leveled Cecil to his glorious 6 star form but I can probably pull this off with a Charlotte on the same slot, so there really isn’t a need to have any six stars for this configuration. party comp as follows:

Cecil / Tank / Focus Unit should have Blizzara for chain
Vaan / Full Break / currently equipped with Siren for defense song but not really required but it is a possible safety net if you’re not able to finish both of them off on cycle 4
Kefka / Lead Mage / 390 MAG / Blizz-chain finish
Tellah / Mage 2 / with Ifrit for Power Break… Blizzaga
Exdeath / Mage 3 / Blizzaga


It’s a fairly simple concept with a very specific move sequence:
Turn 1: Focus, Full Break, Power Break, Blizzaga, Blizzaga
Turn 2: Full Break (partially broken Wyrm), Blizzara-ga-ga-ga
Turn 3: Defense Song (safety net), Blizzara-ga-ga-ga

And that’s it. I’ve run it, just now, twice, without any hitches. I am currently using the same strategy to go through S-5, wait a bit for me Europa!. Power breaking the other Wyrm on the first turn negates the need to heal up and frees up one of the characters to participate in the Blizz-chain.

Hope this helps you in your Colloseum run. See you in the world of Lapis!

BTW… the consequent Frost Dragon that’d give out the Blood Sword Recipe… packs one hell of a bite and can definitely KO if you’re caught unawares. I used my alternate (physical) team for this one.

UPDATE… I’ve completed the ADV Colloseum using the same setup against Europa… I’m setting my sights now on that Blood Sword after a few repeat runs on the ADV Colloseum S-Tier ^^

  1. It helped thx 🙂

      • Mark Obra
      • December 25th, 2016

      Glad to have helped out ^^ Thanks for dropping by wdiggums

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