PSA: Do Not Get a Heavily Discounted Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at this time!


I’m posting this due to the fact that I’ve been seeing/hearing about some parties still interested in the device at present time. Why you might ask? Well it still has great specifications… but it has been riddled with problems with regards to its battery and to prevent more issues for Samsung, they’ve pushed out an update now that limits charging to 30% only! Here’s what it looks like:


Hence, if you have updated firmware, the phone will only accept 30% of its battery capacity… a realistic usage time of about an hour and a half?! That’s unacceptable in today’s mobile device utility and would require the user to bring two or more power banks just to keep it up.

The power user in me is thinking maybe I can put an alternate firmware that will change this back to original, but I don’t have one to test it with and even then, the risk that approximately 1% of owners have been exposed to might come to pass and that is a very serious matter.

These updates will push thru whether you install it immediately or cancel the notification and I’ve heard that there is an eventual update that will brick the device entirely. This is being done to force users who are still holding on to their Note 7s, to have it replaced with the other members of the S7 family (S7 and S7 Edge).

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