Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Two Headed Dragon Takedown 20161212

​I’ve debated posting about this because the dragon requires a very basic approach to defeat.

As you can see from both the beginning and nearly finishing screencaps it poses less of a challenge than other Trial Bosses before it. The only thing you need to remember when doing this encounter is that you SHOULD NOT perform anything other than normal attacks when damaging the dragon… that’s it.

What is essential for this challenge would be a fully geared attacking unit which, in my current unit pool, would be Dark Knight Cecil (DKC) having the highest base attack stat. I geared him with everything that will pump up the NORMAL attack (as using Barrage is considered an ABILITY use and the dragon doesn’t like that either): Atk+10s, Dual Wield, Enhancer, Twin Lance, Dark Helm, Black Belt Gi, and dual Hero Rings – one of the most basic F2P setups. Of course if you’ve already completed the Dragon Killer materia you prioritize that.

With said configuration, attacking with DKC normally allows him to strike the dragon 4 times… just like a Barrage but without the MP cost and without ticking the dragon off.

I brought along a decked out Lightning friend for the trial but my DKC was putting out way more damage against the dragon, resistance might’ve played a part in this.

All in all, this trial boss ranks among the easier ones to accomplish… heck I even managed to pull off the “Defeat with Esper” objective on the first try.

Playthrough status – till now, no sign of Lightning, Luneth, or Noctis. The raid event is due in a couple of hours and I’m gradually finishing off a 6* Medius… just because 6* units have better survivability… Grinding of some TMs because of rotten gacha luck… Barrage is in the horizon XD

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