Logitech Z305 Repair – Hardware Level

At the start of the new year, I had wanted to produce loud sounds coming from the PC using a long sound mix from DJ Shapeshifter. And so I plugged in my Logitech Z305 speakers and raised all the levels… big mistake. That ended up ripping the membrane because of the displacement of the cone and the speakers became unusable because of a constant cracking sound at all practical levels when bass frequencies come into play.

Last night, I used it again and got sick of the sound and so I began to search for possible fixes short of throwing it away. Naturally there should be a need to open it up so that everything is visible and, having tinkered with a few mice from the same company, I began with taking all the screws out – 10 of them.



I also removed the rubber because sometimes they like to hide screws there, no screws, next I attempted to pry it apart from the seam while holding up the clip but it doesnt seem to budge and I figured that the sides miGht be keeping the assembly in place and I finally focused my attention to it.



Turns out, this was the only thing that I needed to take out and I already have access to the speaker units. Finally I was able to really see the problem which was – the ripped membrane. pushing down the cone revealed the damage extent and I marked that with green ink to denote the beginning and end of the rip. It was almost the entire perimeter, horrific ><



Research reveals that patching this up is fairly common practice for repair and one of the possible repair materials was – tissue paper! Its basically creating a patch using tissue and glue, like creating a paper mache. I used an old nail polish brush for an even application and good old Elmer’s white glue, undiluted.


I cut up several strips of tissue (around 3x10mm each) and ran that around in between the cone and the membrane, making sure they cover and overlap with all the areas that had ripped apart. I let it sit overnight so that the glue gets a chance to harden and I tested it this morning. A resounding success, pun intended.

So if you’re up for a bit of tinkering, know that it’s quite easy to do so, granted my solution is less than aesthetic, but this gets covered by the grill anyway. Very happy with my speaker’s revival, and if you’re attempting it, hope the results are as positive as mine went.

On to the next project then ^^

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